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Here is a quick guide to the Toe By Toe VIP Club and links to access the content.

Toe By Toe VIP Club Videos

Toe By Toe Videos – three videos presented by Frank Cowling, son of Keda who created the Toe By Toe system.

In the first video, Frank gives a brief history of the origins of Toe By Toe . This includes the pioneering work in the literacy field undertaken by his remarkable mother.

Video two, Frank explains how to start coaching with Toe By Toe.

In the third video of the series, Frank explains and demonstrates the use of the nonsense words and syllable division exercises found in Toe By Toe.

Toe By Toe ‘How To’ Videos – four more videos, particularly useful if you are a parent or tutor new to Toe By Toe. Kelsey Cowling, another of Keda’s sons, then explains how coaches and students should work through the manual.

In Video One, Kelsey demonstrates and explains the layout and structure of Toe By Toe and its exercises. This practical video guide provides clear instructions for the first five lessons of the book.

In Video Two, Kelsey further demonstrates and explains the structure with regard to the use of nonsense words and the syllable division.  He also explains the psychology underpinning Toe By Toe and how best to keep students motivated.

In Video Three, we join Kelsey in the classroom and look ‘over his shoulder’ as he works with a teenage student in a typical Toe By Toe lesson.

In the final video of this collection, Video Four, we hear from Toe By Toe student, Reece. He shares with us his own inspiring story of how studying Toe By Toe transformed his life. Not only is he now able to read fluently and accurately, but his own confidence and self-esteem have also dramatically improved.


Toe By Toe VIP Club

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Toe By Toe VIP Club Reading Age Test

The Toe By Toe Reading Age Test is a downloadable PDF. It will provide you with a simple, accurate score to represent the current reading age of the student.  The PDF has clear instructions on how to conduct the test and, on completion, how to grade the results to accurately calculate the student’s reading age.

It is important to obtain a reading age before starting to study with Toe By Toe as explained on the Reading Age Test page.

Toe By Toe VIP Club Phonic Test

There are many different reasons why some people have difficulty with reading but low intelligence is seldom one of them.  Indeed, some of the brightest and most creative people can struggle with this skill.

Toe By Toe supports any child or adult who has difficulty with decoding (reading unfamiliar words confidently and accurately) or reading fluently (reading without undue hesitation when confronted by an unfamiliar word).

To help struggling readers decode the written word, we have devised the Toe By Toe Phonic Test.  It includes a number of nonsense words containing particular letter combinations which poor readers typically have difficulty with.  The test is designed to evaluate a student’s phonetic knowledge.  If students struggle to pronounce these nonsense words, it is a clear indication that they need systematic coaching to improve their reading skills.

Click this link to download the Toe By Toe Phonic Test PDF and the audio MP3 answers.  The PDF contains clear instructions on how to conduct and evaluate the test.

Toe By Toe Nonsense Words Audio Answers

Keda Cowling created the nonsense words to force students to focus on the essential decoding task.  Even a literate and competent reader may initially be confused by these words so – to help with pronunciation – VIP Club Members should access the Toe By Toe Nonsense Words page.

As well as a description of the rationale behind the use of nonsense words in the Toe By Toe system, there are no fewer than twenty-five audio files to access.  Each one is referenced to a particular page and exercise within the  Toe By Toe manual. Kelsey Cowling clearly models the correct pronunciation of all the nonsense words used.


Toe By Toe VIP Club

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Toe By Toe Syllable Division Answer Sheets

The Toe By Toe manual also has a number of Syllable Division Exercises for students to complete.  Again, the pages linked here on the Syllable Division Answer Sheet reference the particular pages and provides answer sheets.

Now … if all of that doesn’t represent ‘VFM’ – Value For Money – then we don’t now what does.

All the more so that it is, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Best wishes in your quest to provide the precious gift of literacy to the students in your care.

Keda Cowling

(Author & Creator of the Toe By Toe system)