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Toe By Toe  Literacy Workshops

For schools or institutions interested in learning more about Toe By Toe , we offer frequent Toe By Toe Training & Literacy Workshops around the U.K. and – increasingly – around the world.  The workshops are aimed at all staff (concerned parents are also most welcome) involved with the teaching of struggling readers. The intention is to demonstrate best practice in the use of Keda Cowling’s Toe by Toe reading scheme. It is our task to demonstrate the best way to use this powerful resource for maximum effectiveness and the workshops are as ‘hands on’ and jargon-free as possible.  We also aim to provide a fuller understanding of the difficulties facing struggling readers when they come up against the idiosyncrasies of written English.

“I just wanted to send you an email by way of feedback from our members of staff who attended the workshop held at Applegrove Primary, Forres last Wednesday.  Each and every one of them had nothing but praise and positive comments to make the following morning.  There was a very enthusiastic buzz in our staffroom while the staff exchanged various snippets of information and shared their new found knowledge with colleagues.   I cannot remember any other CPD course stirring up such interest on the subject of struggling readers”    

                                                                                SENCO, at a primary school in Scotland

We keep this page updated with upcoming workshops. Check back here regularly to see if there is a workshop near you.

 27/09/2017  1:30 – 3:30 One in a Million Free School, Cliffe Terrace, Bradford, W. Yorks BD8 7DX

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Toe By Toe Training Certificate

On completion, participants receive a Toe By Toe Training Certificate.

Toe By Toe Training

Feedback From Toe By Toe Literacy Workshop Participants:

‘Renewed Passion For Teaching Children to Read’

“A huge thank you for your training today. I had so many comments afterwards about the content of the course, how well it was presented and how enthusiastically you came across. Everyone came away with a renewed passion for teaching our children to read using Toe By Toe
Feedback from training session in Basingstoke, U.K. 08/03/16

‘Feeling Inspired’

“I attended your workshop this morning … and now feel inspired to teach this method of reading at my own school. Please would you be kind enough to send me the PowerPoint that you used so that I can pass on information to my SENCO and head teacher. Thank you for a wonderful insight in the Toe By Toe tool”
Participant feedback from training session in Essex, 22/09/15

‘Fantastic Feedback’

“I’ve had fantastic feedback from our T.A.s who found the training extremely useful and are now reinvigorated to deliver Toe By Toe in the way that it was intended. I think that prior to your session we had all been aware of the books, and had attempted to deliver them but had not really used them to their full potential. We now have a long list of children who are being lined up for Toe By Toe sessions!”
Teacher feedback following the Birmingham Toe By Toe workshop on 16/09/15

‘Excellent Waffle-Free Training’

“I have just had yet another colleague come to my room to say that they thought your training was excellent! Thank you so much for arranging it, for being so easy to listen to, for being so practical and for giving us all something meaty to go away with rather than just a lot of waffle and words!”
Feedback following a Toe By Toe workshop in S.W. London on 28/04/15

‘ Toe By Toe All-in-one Solution’

“I now have a clearer picture regarding how Toe By Toe WORKS. With so many recommended programmes throughout my 36 years of teaching, I was beginning to get confused as a teacher by it all . Like Keda, I too concluded that the challenge for me was to simplify things for my students. I see now how Toe By Toe OFFERS ALL OF THIS IN ONE BOOK.  I’m all set to try it awaiting assessment of two young pupils one of whom has very severe reading challenges coupled with other learning and social challenges.  Thank you again and wishing Keda everything good as she obviously was a lady ahead of her time in terms of educational development and so committed all those years ago.”
An Irish teacher’s comments following the Limerick Toe By Toe workshop on 7/10/14

More Testimonials

‘Excellent and clear explanation’

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your workshop. Your presentation was excellent with very clear explanations. I learned so much more than I thought I knew about how Toe By Toe really works. Thank you.”
G.W. School Support Assistant, Scotland – June 2013

‘Fascinating.Short, Sharp, to the Point’

“Fascinating concepts. Short, sharp, to the point. I’m a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant – will definitely talk to Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO).”
Feedback following Toe By Toe training session in Cambridge on 24/1/14

‘Loved it!’

“Loved it! Very Informative! Outstanding! Useful! Very useful!”
Further feedback from a Bedfordshire middle school SENCO at the same training

Free Toe By Toe Training Videos

For parents and teachers who want to use Toe By Toe to help their child or students with dyslexia or reading difficulties to overcome their challenges, we a have a rich – but FREE! – resource of top quality videos to guide you.

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Check out these three Toe By Toe Videos.

  1. The Origins of Toe By Toe
  2. Starting to Work With Toe By Toe
  3. Nonsense Words & Syllable Division

And there is more! We have four Toe By Toe ‘How To’ Videos showing the following:

  1. Toe By Toe – The First Five Lessons
  2. Structure & Nonsense Words
  3. A Typical Lesson
  4. Reece’s Story

Check out these two Testimonials Videos. One is a glowing endorsement of Toe By Toe by a teacher who works with the book. The other, a student speaking in praise of what Toe By Toe has done for him.

And finally, there are two more videos showing Toe By Toe‘s success in helping many of the UK’s prison population overcome their illiteracy.

In Pat’s Bible – Toe By Toe a prisoner describes how his life was transformed thanks to learning how to read with Toe By Toe.

And last but not least, enjoy this fascinating short documentary about Toe By Toe in Prisons

A fascinating video showing how Toe By Toe has transformed the lives of both prisoners and their tutors.

Incidentally, in relationship to our work with illiterate prisoners, read below what best-selling author of the Harry Potter books JK ROWLING thinks about Toe By Toe.

Toe By Toe in Prisons

JK Rowling Praises Toe By Toe

“One of the most important books I’ve ever signed. Learning to read represents a significant turning in anyone’s life, and may be the one thing that makes a difference to help people in prison turn their lives around”

JK ROWLING inspecting the success of Toe By Toe working with dyslexic prisoners at HMP Edinburgh in 2008