Toe By Toe ‘How To’ Videos

Enjoy these Toe By Toe How To Videos on how to coach and study using Toe By Toe. Author Keda Cowling’s son, Kelsey Cowling, explains how coach and students should work with the Toe By Toe book.

Toe By Toe  How To Videos – #1 – The First 5 Lessons

In the first video, Kelsey demonstrates and explains the layout and structure of the Toe By Toe book and exercises

Toe By Toe  How To Videos – #2 – Syllable Division and Nonsense Words

In video #2, Kelsey further demonstrates and explains the structure of Toe By Toe and the use of ‘nonsense’ words and ‘syllable division.’ He also explains the psychology behind Toe By Toe and how to keep students motivated.

Toe By Toe  How To Videos – #3 – A Typical Lesson

In video #3, Kelsey works with a student on a typical Toe By Toe lesson.

Toe By Toe  How To Videos – #4 – Reece’s Story

In this final video, a Toe By Toe student – Reece – shares his own inspiring story of how studying Toe By Toe transformed his life. Not only is he now able to read fluently, accurately and confidently, but his own confidence and self-esteem have also increased.


Toe By Toe How To Videos