Syllable Division Answer Sheet – Page 197

In Toe By Toe there are a number of Syllable Division Exercises students and coaches must use. The pages linked here reference the particular pages and shows an answer sheet to those exercises.
On this page we share with you the answers to the Syllable Division Exercises on page 197.
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Toe By Toe Syllable Division Answer Sheet Page 197


Page 197 Answers

ic / cipode succ / onding
tac / cellot nicc / omrit
ac / cimoat oc / cimet
sacc / olter macc / oner
ec / certope vacc / ondail
inac / cind tacc / odime
lacc / onder bacc / omine
ac / citoab ic / celling
lacc / apram oc / citain
ac / certone acc / ottain
ecc / oanlab imic / cerop
oc / cirgoad tecc / ampod