Reading Age Test

Why Does Toe By Toe Advocate A Reading Age Test?

We believe it is essential to complete a Reading Age Test before starting to study with Toe By Toe. Because, without knowing a student’s reading age, how can you begin to evaluate progress?

A further benefit of establishing someone’s current reading age is that the person tested, the tutor and the parents can all see the ‘starting point’ of the student and what they need to do to improve.

We re-test the Reading Age again following the completion of Toe By Toe. This way, all interested parties – the student, the parents and the tutor – can measure the ‘before and after’ effect.

Most times everyone – but the student in particular – is astonished and delighted at the progress they make.


Toe By Toe Reading Age Test


Reading Age Test Downloads

As ever, Toe By Toe makes things easy for you. See the links below to download a ready-made Reading Age Test PDF. The PDF includes clear instructions on how to conduct the test and how to calculate the true reading age of the person tested.

The second download link is an audio MP3 file with the audio Test Answers.

Avoid the temptation of regularly re-testing the reading age as you progress through Toe By Toe. But by all means, do test a student’s reading age on completion of the manual. It can be a source of great proud and astonishment just how much they have improved their reading age, thanks to Toe By Toe‘s structured study programme.

Download the Reading Age Test

Audio Reading Age Test Answers

NB: The Reading Age Test is a PDF file. To access it you need to have a PDF reader installed on your device.

We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download and install it for FREE at this link:

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

PLEASE NOTE! Toe By Toe is not responsible for any issues you encounter by downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat Reader, nor do we offer any support on using Adobe Acrobat Reader.