Reading Age Improvement Testimonials

One of the most heart-warming things about Toe By Toe for me is to receive unsolicited letters of thanks from students, parents and teachers who successfully use the manual. In this short collection of Reading Age Improvement Testimonials, read how some students transformed their lives by learning to read with Toe By Toe.
– Keda Cowling, author and founder of Toe By Toe

Toe By Toe Reading Age Improvement Testimonials

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Keda Cowling – One of My All-time Heroes!

“I can’t praise Toe By Toe highly enough.  My young son went from unable to read, to reading everything he can lay his hands on. He even sneakily reads by torchlight at night! It was a battle, he resisted for the majority of the year that we did it – just because!!! But it has transformed his life. He now reads 2 years above his age. It has also improved his ability to do Maths as he can now read the questions. Keda Cowling is one of my all time heroes.”

How Toe By Toe  Saved My Son’s Education

“Please could you pass on my thanks to Keda Cowling because Toe By Toe saved my son’s education. A little background information. My son who is now 16, attended Physiology labs in Oxford when he was 8 and the professor recommended the Toe By Toe manual. I went to Ollie’s primary school, asked about the book and received a negative reply. I eventually bought my own copy of Toe By Toe and started the long process of working through the book daily. Within weeks there was such a difference! I would like to add that Ollie has been accepted into three grammar schools to read Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Geography at A level and is predicted to achieve 13 GCSE A-C grades. Anyone who I come across with children with reading difficulties, I immediately advise them to get a copy of Toe By Toe .

“When Ollie was 7 years old, the teacher at parents’ evening told me and my husband very clearly that we shouldn’t expect anything from Ollie and in her opinion he would leave education at 16 with no qualification. Without your little red book, this may well have happened.”
– V.T. – proud parent in the U.K.

Huge Reading Age Improvement with Toe By Toe

“I wanted to update you with my son’s progress with Toe By Toe. He is now aged 9y 10m and has just been assessed for his reading/spelling. He has a reading age of 11 and a reading comprehension age of 12+. I couldn’t believe it! What a result! Fred’s school now uses your books widely with the children, Toe By Toe and Stareway to Spelling. I don’t know why all schools don’t use these books as a matter of course. It’s a great way to teach children to read and write! Thanks again for helping my son.”
– Kate S. – parent, U.K. Jan 2017

From ‘Failure’ to Success

“Before I started  Toe By Toe I couldn’t read. I was a failure. Now I have a cupboard full of books at home. My favourite authors are Roald Dahl and J.K. Rowling. Now I am a success.”
– Kathleen Duncan, Clydebank. Kathleen was 14 when the West Dumbartonshire Literacy Initiative began to use Toe By Toe

‘Gob-smacked’ by Toe By Toe

“It is clear to see that Toe By Toe has been a labour of love by Keda Cowling. She has done a really wonderful job. Myself and my partner were, excuse the expression, gob-smacked, when our dyslexic son suddenly – and quite magically – seemed able to read. The other week his teacher (the head) gave the children a blank school time table and asked them to write on it what lessons they would have if they could choose for themselves. In every lesson our son, Fred, wrote ‘reading, reading, reading, reading!!!’ He has also said that his favourite part of the school day was silent reading, when the children have the chance to choose a book to read quietly to themselves. This is a boy that in the early years of school would angrily throw his reading books across the room, refusing to read.”
– Grateful mum Herefordshire, U.K. – Nov 2015


Reading Age Improvement Testimonials


Toe By Toe – Life Changing in Six Weeks

“In 6 weeks Toe By Toe has completely turned things around for my son and he’s only just over half way through the book. He is brimming with confidence – a different child altogether. Walking 10 feet tall with an even brighter future ahead of him than we could have hoped for.”
– S.B. – grateful mum, Belfast

Toe By Toe – A Caring Grandad’s Testimony

“My wife and I have looked after our grandson during holidays pretty much since he was a little chap. His parents both have busy jobs which entail considerable time away.

“Unfortunately, our grandson’s eyes were damaged at birth making it necessary for him to wear glasses. Also, in his first few years at school he did not have the best of teachers. Consequently his parents and grandparents alike were concerned at his lack of progress particularly in reading and spelling.

“In late 2008 a number of us ‘oldies’ got together as usual for a coffee after church. A retired schoolteacher told us about Toe By Toe and how it had benefited his own son. I pricked my ears up as it sounded just what our grandson needed because he was really having difficulty with his reading.

“During the week I talked to our daughter and asked her to look at the Toe By Toe website. She was really enthusiastic, so the next move was to sound our grandson out. I explained to him that I would like to buy a book and work through it with him during school holidays and also on Tuesdays after school. He was really keen and said: “I would really like to do it Granddad!” We made a start in January 2009 and finished the entire book by December. What a difference it made!

“His progress was nothing short of amazing. From a 9 year-old who struggled with basic words he progressed to the point where there was hardly a word he couldn’t pronounce correctly by working through it syllable by syllable.

“He didn’t once complain about the lessons because he could see the progress he was making. He also began reading more and more. His Mum and Dad couldn’t believe the difference it made. For me personally it was one of the most worthwhile things I have done. To have input into his life through Toe by Toe was so rewarding.”

Eternally Grateful to Toe By Toe

“I bought Toe By Toe for my 7-year old son who was struggling to read. He would put sounds where there weren’t any, and get the order of sounds mixed up. Reading was so frustrating for us both that we did wonder if he was dyslexic. A teacher friend of mine recommended this book and I’m eternally grateful to her (and the authors!).

“My son isn’t dyslexic at all. He had just formed so many incorrect letter/phonic associations that words became a jumbled mess. Toe By Toe gently gets rid of all the bad habits and re-trains the brain to make correct associations. It encourages the child to think before they blurt something out because if they get it wrong they cannot move forward in the book. The child has to read ‘nonsense words.’ These are made-up words that the child hasn’t seen before and therefore will have to apply everything learned up to that point in order to read it correctly. Toe By Toe takes less than 10 minutes each day but you must use it every day.

“It takes a long time to get through the book but we saw an improvement very quickly. In fact, we got to the point where we felt that completing the book wasn’t necessary as his reading was so much better, but we did complete it. When my son pronounced psychosomatic correctly on his first attempt I nearly cried! He achieved higher than the national average for reading in his SATs – something a few years earlier I could only have dreamed of. I cannot recommend Toe By Toe enough. It’s such a small price to pay to help your child with a life skill – half the price of most XBox games!”
– Mrs L. – Customer review, June 2016

Illiterate to Fluent Reader with Toe By Toe in Just SEVEN WEEKS!

“I can confirm that a 9-year old girl who was taken out of class 4 times a week for 2 years for extra reading lessons, still couldn’t read 3 or 4 letter words. However, after just 7 weeks doing Toe By Toe , she is reading words like ‘accompanied. vilified, delinquent.’ She is racing towards the finishing line.
– Rebecca Dallas, Toe By Toe tutor in Belfast

Toe By Toe  Saved My Son’s Education – And Mum Became a Teacher Because of it!

Toe By Toe saved my son’s education. He couldn’t read at 7 and now at 26, he has a First Class Honours degree in Economics. He is a very successful insurance broker having finished all his professional exams! I became a teacher myself because of it and have sung Toe By Toe’s praises at every opportunity. I cannot thank Keda Cowling enough for both my son and the many, many children with whom I have used Toe By Toe with over the years.”
– Mrs S. Wheeler 2014

Toe By Toe – Best Purchase EVER!

Toe By Toe is an absolutely amazing book. It is well written with very easy to follow coaching pages that allow you to give gentle step by step prompts to help your child with reading.  Just 5 to 10 minutes per day can make a huge difference to your child’s reading.  My son’s reading ability has gone up in just two weeks since I purchased Toe By Toe . He has already gone up a group for his reading at school. But the most lovely thing is that his confidence has grown immensely and I cannot put a price on that.  Probably the best purchase I have ever made.”
– TBT book review

Six Years Reading Age Improvement in Just 18 Months Studying with Toe By Toe

“One student has just gone in the school ‘Book of Excellence’ for improving her reading age 6 years in 18 months, thanks to Toe By Toe. Her parents are thrilled as is she.”
– Literacy teacher at an academy in West Sussex, U.K

Keda Cowling – My Hero

“Dear Mrs Cowling, I am writing to you because you have helped me understand the beautiful world of reading. I have made lots of amazing progress since you made Toe By Toe . I’m so happy because I was not sure if this was going to work because I have tried lots of things. You are like a hero to me because this seems very hard for me to get this far. I am just a bit annoyed that I didn’t find Toe By Toe earlier. My hope is this program stays around for a very long time. I think it’s very important that Toe By Toe should be used all over the U.K. Once again thanks a lot. Toe By Toe has helped, me and other people. It will always be in my heart.”
– C. R., Grove Hill F.E. Centre, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, U.K.